Earth Day Beach Clean Up

Earth Day Beach Clean Up

Earth Day Beach Clean Up

What did you get up to this Earth Day? We spent it in the best way possible - by doing a beach clean up!

Organised by the fantastic guys over at Bye Bye Plastic Bags (if you haven’t heard of these guys, you should definitely check them out) in honour of Earth Day.

The location was decided to be Sandy Bay which although rather small, had so much litter and plastic scattered and hidden underneath its rocky exterior.

After a short briefing, HK Ploggers provided cotton gloves alongside the bags provided by us. The volunteers set to work, and as with any beach clean up, lots of weird and wonderful items were found, including an entire full oil can!

By the end of our few hours there, plenty of litter was cleaned up and disposed of. Combined with the beautiful weather, this was a successful day all round!

If you are hosting a beach clean up and would like to consider an alternative to using plastic bags to do it, please reach out to us to see if we can help.


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