Bin Liners

Hydroplast water soluble bin liners are a great swap for the commonly used polyethylene bin liners we see everywhere in our day to day lives. Unfortunately, the vast majority of us still create huge amounts of waste daily, which needs to be collected and disposed of. Whilst the world catches up on the fact that we drastically need to reduce the amount of waste we each produce, we can at the very least reduce the negative effects of bin liners, by exchanging this with a safe Hydroplast bin liner!

As these are also compostable in home and industrial composting, Hydroplast bin liners can also be used for food waste destined for the compost pile. Once finished, you can dispose of the whole bag rather than having to empty out and clean your current container.*

These bags can be customised to your sizes and required printing subject to the MOQ. Please contact us through the form below and a member of our team will get back to you.

*Note: as these bags are water soluble, they are not designed to be used to dispose of liquids or hot food waste as this will speed up the degradation of the bags which may cause leakage.

For a downloadable info sheet for our Hydroplast water soluble bin liners, please click the link below:

Hydroplast Water Soluble Bin Liners


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