Bioplast Gloves

Although where possible we advocate to remove plastic entirely, single use gloves are still widely used for safety and hygiene reasons, by a wide variety of individuals and industries. In particular with the effect that COVID-19 has had, we need more planet friendly alternatives.

The Bioplast film used to make these gloves is both home and industrially compostable (certified EN13432, ASTM D6400, AS4736, AS5810). We use 100% Bioplast material making them a perfect swap where single use gloves are still a necessity.

Size: W300mm x L295mm x 25micron

MOQ: 600 boxes (100 gloves per box)

Box is customisable above 1000 boxes. We can also pack the boxes to your requirements, just let us know and we customise the final product for you.

For a downloadable info sheet for our Bioplast compostable gloves, please click the link below:

Bioplast Compostable Gloves


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