Cytotoxic Laundry Bags

Non-toxic, eco-friendly and marine safe cytotoxic laundry bags which dissolve in hot water during the washing process.

Previous to the cytotoxic laundry bag, nurses in the Oncology ward would manage cytotoxic linen* in the same manner as linen used throughout the hospital, or it would be incinerated. Nurses and the laundry team were exposed to the cytotoxic residue left on the linen.

Benefits of the Hydroplast water soluble cytotoxic laundry bag:

  • affected linen can be bagged and identified without staff being exposed to the linen
  • OHS is mitigated
  • drastically reduces incineration, and reduces the negative impacts on the environment

How to use the Hydroplast water soluble cytotoxic laundry bag:

  • Oncology nurses bag the linen into the laundry bag
  • the laundry bag is left in the designated drop zone
  • laundry bag collects and transports to the designated cytotoxic washing machine
  • the impervious bag is removed
  • the water soluble laundry bag is placed into the washing machine unopened
  • the laundry bag completely breaks down, leaving no OHS risk

*cytotoxic linen is linen that has been indirectly contaminated by the bodily fluids of a patient who has received cytotoxic drugs. That includes urine, faeces, perspiration, and blood from a patient who has received the drug in the last 7 days.

Bag Specification:

  • MOQ: 12000
  • Size options: W660mm x L840mm or W710mm x L990mm
  • Thickness: 20 microns
  • Printing with cytotoxic label
  • Soluble temperature: 70 degrees C+
  • Perforated tie handles
  • Shelf life: 2 years (sealed)

For the downloadable info sheet for the Hydroplast water soluble cytotoxic laundry bags, please click the link below:

Hydroplast Cytotoxic Laundry Bag

If you have any individual requirements, please contact us with a full specification for a customised quotation.



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