Laundry Bags

Non-toxic, eco-friendly and marine safe laundry bags which dissolve in hot water during the washing process. This can be used to streamline washing process, as laundry does not need to be emptied from the bag before being placed into the washing machine.


Suitable for usage in laundry for:

  • hotels and hostels
  • aviation
  • care homes
  • hospitals
  • commercial laundry


Bag Specification:

MOQ: 8000 pcs

Width: 71cm

Length: 99cm

Thickness: 25 microns

Soluble temperature: 66 degrees C

Tie handles (if required)


Packaging Specifications:

Width: 36cm

Length: 70cm

Height: 10cm

Bags per pack: 100 pcs

Bags per carton: 100 pcs

Origin: Malaysia

Shelf life: 3 years (sealed)


If you have any individual requirements we can also accommodate these, please contact us with a full specification for a customised quotation.


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