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Non-toxic, eco-friendly and marine safe laundry bags which fully dissolve in hot water during the washing process.

These laundry bags reduce the risk of cross-contamination of infectious diseases, including COVID-19, when handling dirty linen. There is no need to open or empty the bags before washing.

Unlike most "water soluble" bags on the market, our Hydroplast infection control bags are made using 100% water soluble film. We do not add any insoluble materials such as starch based polymers, into our films, so the full bag will dissolve in a hot wash. See our usage information for more details.

Protect your staff and guests.

Suitable for usage in laundry for:

  • hotels and leisure centres
  • aviation
  • care homes
  • hospitals
  • commercial laundry facilities
Laundry Bag Specifications
Width: 660mm Length: 840mm Thickness: 25 microns Soluble temperature: 70 degrees C Perforated tie handles 
Packaging Specifications
Width: 34cm Length: 47cm Height: 13.5cm Bags per carton: 250 pcs Origin: Malaysia Shelf life: 3 years (sealed)

For information regarding MOQs, please message us and we can advise on stock in your location. If you have any individual requirements we can also accommodate these (subject to MOQs), please contact us with a full specification for a customised quotation.

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