The biggest problem with plastic is not during its life - but instead what happens at the end of it. Where does all this plastic go?

But what if there is an alternative way? Packaging that is functional AND keeps our planet happy?

Hydroplast Limited is a team of innovative problem solvers working to produce packaging solutions that the world needs - but is not just another plastic bag. Our proprietary flagship product range made from Hydroplast film is 100% water soluble, biodegradable, compostable, and marine safe. It offers full functionality, but is completely safe at the end of it's life with a range of disposal options.

Wherever our Hydroplast products end their life, they are safe for the environment.




Hydroplast Limited aims to be the partner of choice for packaging. We collaborate with brands, retailers, and packaging manufacturers to design a solution that works for the business, the consumer, and most importantly - the environment. All our of products are designed with our planet in mind, and help eliminate plastic pollution at the source.

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